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21 Feb Sensitive Skin
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Skin CharacteristicsFrom low to too much sebum productionSensitive to the sun and the environmentWithout moistureBrowns easilyCapillaries form on the surfaceExfoliation is seenTarget protocolsCildin g..
21 Feb Anti-Aging
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Skin CharacteristicsThe epidermis loses the elasticity of the dermis, so it is open to trauma.Sebum production is reducedCell proliferation slows down skin begins to exfoliateThe dermis becomes thinne..
21 Feb Balancing Smudge and Tone Disorders
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Skin CharacteristicsThere are tone disorders and regional darker brown spots on the skin.Occurs in all racesMost affected areas, forehead, cheeks, temple, upper lip, abdomenDue to UV rays, the skin be..
21 Feb Under Eye Area
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Skin CharacteristicsThe eye area is dehydratedThe skin under the eyes has lost its elasticityThe eyelid has lost its elasticityThere has been bagging under the eyesThere is a bruise under the eyeProdu..
21 Feb Problematic & Non-Inflammatory Acne
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Skin CharacteristicsExcess sebumThickened skin (keratinocyte) clogged poresBacteriumInflammationMicrocomedone, open comedone, closed comedonePapules, pustules on some skinsTarget ProtocolsBalancing se..
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