There are many advanced methods used to treat hair loss. It is possible to mention them in general as follows.

In-home use products, serums containing Growth Factor (GF & Growth Factor) should be preferred. The difference between this active ingredient from others is that the hair that comes out after stopping using the product is permanent.

There are also shampoos containing Growth Factor (GF & Growth Factor), which are suitable for home use and are produced for the health of the scalp.

For Home Use: GF Hair Serum & GF Shampoo

Hair Mesotherapy 

Hair mesotherapy is one of the preferred applications for the prevention of hair loss. The biggest factor that people face with the problem of hair loss is nutrition and hormonal changes. Excessive secretion of the hormone known as DHT is one of the main factors causing hair loss. The solution is being developed by taking into account this hormone and other factors in hair mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is known for performing a small amount of microinjection with the help of thin-tipped needles on the skin located at the bottom of the hair. It is aimed at healing and strengthening the hair follicles in the dermis area thanks to the injected drugs. Mesotherapy, which also means achieving successful results with externally injected drugs, is successful in ensuring tissue viability.

Almost everyone who has hair loss or thinning can resort to hair mesotherapy. In this method, which will be preferred for the sake of having lush and thick hair, the application does not pose a health risk because it is on the scalp. Effective results are achieved thanks to the injection of drugs that will grow and nourish the hair.

There are advanced products preferred by doctors and hair transplantation clinics. GF Hair Care Complex +, which contains Growth Factor, has achieved an average of 81% success in alopecia practices!

Hair Transplantation

Since the advent of the FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technique, special machines have been used to remove hairs without visible traces to the eye. It is an advanced system that also repairs eyebrows, mustaches, and beards to camouflage accident or burn marks on the face. At this point, we can state that FUE is also used to treat hair loss.

After hair transplantation, as a result of using serums containing Growth Factor wound healing is accelerated, the roots become stronger, and you will have more hair.